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    Obligate Symbiosis is the first project (stil in progress) in a series built on re-interpreting the various behavioral patterns of symbiotic animals in a classic graphic design format, namely, the book. Here, the book becomes a visual metaphor for obligate symbiosis, or mutualism. In obligate symbiotic relationships, both symbionts entirely depend on each other for survival, and one can not exist without the other. Because of the physical size of the book in Obligate Symbiosis, two people are required to turn its pages in order to avoid tearing them. Thus, two people must always be present in order to read the book, and one person will always be reading backwards. This quality inherent in the book’s form will dictate the eventual content of the book: the definition of mutualism, presented as a palindrome. Neither reader is able to fully apprehend the text in the book without the other.

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